7 steps to establishing your uniform

1. Form a Uniform Committee:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Board of trustees members
  • Students (possibly)

Research supply possibilities and ideas for the uniform - consult with possible suppliers on this to get ideas of design, fabrics and costs. Talk to people at other schools who have recently been through the process of developing a uniform.

2. Consult on broad ideas with parents and the school community, possibly through:

  • Meetings
  • Surveys

Note: You may want to come back for further consultation/feedback at later stages in the process of establishing the school uniform..

3. Deciding on where and how the Uniform will be available for purchase by parents/students 

Identify options and possible pros and cons for various options of who would sell the uniform, eg:

  • Retailer: This can provide a one stop shop, with extras such as shoes and sports accessories also being available. An online ordering system may be offered by the retailer for those who would find this more convenient
  • Online purchase only: This option can be convenient for many, but does depend on access to computers and the level of satisfaction with purchasing without being able to try garments on - sizes may be swapped but this involves returning items and waiting for replacement sizes to be sent.
  • School Shop at School: This can be a source of income for the school, bearing in mind the cost for the school of holding stock. One possibility for reducing this cost is if supplier holds some backup stock for the school. Schools may be able to order from the supplier by phone, fax, email or an online ordering system.

4. Choosing a Supplier of the Uniform

(Supplying either the School or the School's chosen retailer) - Obtain quotes from suppliers of uniform. Suggestion - obtain 3 quotes from different suppliers (In accordance with suggested guidelines by the Commerce Commission, December 2008)

  • Ensure with quotes that similar things are being compared, such as: same/similar fabrics, a New Zealand made garment compared with another NZ made garment (or an imported garment compared with another imported garment), similar logo types, similar quality etc.
  • Obtain samples from possible suppliers or view their current stock/sample range for their current schools to view their design ideas and the quality of their garments.
  • Decide on colours, designs and fabrics you are interested in for your school.
  • Look at which items you want to logo and how you would do this eg. embroidery or screenprint.
  • Consider various finishing details such as labelling, pips, and zip pulls.
  • Find out minimum ordering quantities, back up stock available, indenting systems and any other relevant details.

Get accurate prices based on what you have requested. Make a decision on who you will choose to supply your uniform.

5. Trial Period

We highly recommend a 'trial period' for samples, to test factors such as wear and tear/durability, colour fastness, design/style, on a number of different students of different ages, build etc.

6. Final Sign-Off

After making any changes needed, the samples would be signed off by Board of Trustees/the Principal.

7. Implementing the uniform 

Depending on how and where the uniforms are available for purchase:

  • Retailer: The retailer would order stock in, based on the approximate school roll and the phase in period of the uniform. It is possible to have an initial selling time at the school - this could be a 'bulk sell' - try the uniform on at the school and preorder. After this the uniform would be available at the retail outlet.
  • Online purchase: The online retailer would order stock in based on school roll and phase in period. Possible to combine this with initial 'bulk order' as above.
  • School shop at School: School could purchase a size range and run a 'bulk order' after which the uniform would then be available at the school on an ongoing basis.

Customised Uniforms

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