Getting Started

1. Form a Uniform Committee:

Research supply possibilities and ideas for the uniform - consult with possible suppliers on this to get ideas of design, fabrics and costs. Talk to people at other schools who have recently been through the process of developing a uniform.

2. Consult on broad ideas with parents and the school community, possibly through:

Note: You may want to come back for further consultation/feedback at later stages in the process of establishing the school uniform..

3. Deciding on where and how the Uniform will be available for purchase by parents/students - Identify options and possible pros and cons for various options of who would sell the uniform, eg:

4. Choosing a Supplier of the Uniform (to supply to either the School or the School's chosen retailer) - Obtain quotes from suppliers of uniform. Suggestion - obtain 3 quotes from different suppliers (In accordance with suggested guidelines by the Commerce Commission, December 2008)

Get accurate prices based on what you have requested. Make a decision on who you will choose to supply your uniform.

5. Trial Period: We highly recommend a 'trial period' for samples, to test factors such as wear and tear/durability, colour fastness, design/style, on a number of different students of different ages, build etc.

6. Final Sign-Off: After making any changes needed, the samples would be signed off by Board of Trustees/the Principal.

7. Implementing the uniform - Depending on how and where the uniforms are available for purchase:

Customised Uniforms

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