School Uniform Centre

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Ponsonby Intermediate

Ordering for this item is now open until Thursday April 9th.

If you need help with ordering the correct size, a size range of sweatshirts and a visual sample is available at Ponsonby Intermediate.

When ordering please enter the name you would like printed on the back of the garment and the students Classroom in the "Notes and comments" section below the shipping address. 

Guidelines for Name printed on Ponsonby Intermediate Sweater:

  • Must be full first name as stated on school Roll or shortened eg Ben instead of Benjamin
  • Strictly no nick names
  • You are allowed to have last name instead of first name such as Smith or initial and last name such as J Smith
  • Maximum of 12 characters
  • If your name is longer than 12 characters you can use an abbreviated version of the name as stated in the first bullet point


Select the Quote option at the checkout for a printable quote. Simply take your quote to your case manager to apply for financial assistance with your uniform purchase.